Reflections on the start of Summer 2015

Carolina Stapleton, Day Camp @ Pearl River Aquatics Director

I walked into camp for our first staff orientation day on Sunday morning right after a big rain storm, it was warm and cloudy, I walked up to our shelter listening to the sound of the small wet rocks on the ground, the leaves were soaked, dripping water as if they had just come out of the pool. I took a deep breath in, register that moment in my mind and thought:

This is going to be an incredible summer, we have everything we could possibly need.

A week later the kids arrived, as I was walking up to the shelter stepping on the small rocks again I saw two girls, same back packs, same hats, holding hands walking right in front of me, sisters of life walking into camp on the very first day, supporting each other. What a special moment. I mentally registered that picture but couldn't let that go without snapping a real one! 

I am truly blessed to have a job in camp for the summer, very lucky to be able to wake up my kids every morning and remind them we have another wonderful day to live in camp! Having my kids as campers at the same camp where I work is a real opportunity to experience and practice all the values that I deeply nurture all year round in my own home.

It is wonderful to see camp friends and staff slowly becoming part of our lives and memories. We are living a dream, becoming aware of the nature around us, sitting around the fire, making funny faces, singing, climbing, sharing snacks and holding hands, not only with the ones we recognize from home, but with the ones that we are now caring for, just like a family.