New Programs

Pop Fit Kids Fitness:  Specialists engage campers in fitness circuits, energizing drills, dynamic movements, and fun games that promote health and wellness. 

Hiking + Exploration:  Campers will explore the great outdoors through guided nature hikes all over camp and on nearby adventure trails. 

Camp Kitchen: Children will use fresh ingredients to prepare nutrient-rich healthy snacks over the campfire. Special guest chefs from Eden Village Camp and Butter Beans will join us for this delicious new program!  

Fine + Creative Arts:  Introducing jewelry making, canvas painting, and drawing. 

Shabbat Performances:  Our drama specialist will work with campers to prepare a scene, song, or dance to be showcased during our weekly Shabbat gathering. 

Sports Leagues:   Athletes will further develop new skills and sportsmanship through clinics, instruction, and tournaments.

Camp Newspaper + Photojournalism: Campers will write and edit news stories, create artwork, and use digital photography to share the excitement of camp with family and friends. 

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Our coaches pay individual attention to campers’ growth, successes, and hurdles as they develop throughout the summer. Campers will work on skills in basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, football, hockey, and golf.  Our 7-12 year-old campers choose a sport to focus on each week.  Our coaches also put together some fun relay races and obstacle courses for our younger campers.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course inspires our campers to soar to new heights as they stare up to its 50’ top.  Ascending on 4 walls, each with a different challenge, campers share strategies with partners and cheer on their bunkmates.  The course contains a rock wall, ropes course, vertical playground, and cargo net.   Some campers even challenge themselves further by wearing a blindfold as they climb!  The Low Ropes course contains elements that support campers as they form strong bonds of trust with their peers.


All campers swim twice each day. One swim period is devoted to Red Cross-certified swim instruction and the second is a free swim. We have three large in-ground pools and an awesome water slide! Two pools are specifically designed for teaching beginning and intermediate swimmers. For instructional swim, children are tested the first week of camp and placed in an appropriate swim group. The pools are staffed by Water Safety Instructors and certified American Red Cross lifeguards.


Electives provide campers with an increasing amount of responsibility as they grow in camp.  Campers can choose from many elective areas: Drama, Yoga, Soccer, Campcraft, Shira (Music), Art, Challenge Course, Football, Teva (Nature), and Basketball.  Our passionate and energetic specialists serve as role models, teammates and facilitators for the campers.  Campers work in-depth with one of their passions and develop enduring skills and memories.

Perspectives-Jewish Life

Our Jewish programming reflects the camp’s mission to enable campers to develop meaningful and relevant pathways into Jewish life and identity.  Our Jewish Life curriculum is called Perspectives; campers will explore and investigate daily life at camp from a Jewish perspective.  

Each week of camp will have its own Jewish theme. This theme will be brought to life during the Perspectives period and will also be present in each specialty activity throughout the week. Our intent is to show campers that Judaism permeates into all of our daily activities. Campers will learn what the value is, why it is important to Judaism, and how it looks in our daily lives. Perspectives will provide campers with the experience, understanding, and knowledge necessary to confidently and comfortably discuss their camp identity and their Jewish identity and to connect them with each other.


Shabbat at camp is truly a magical time. Before our community-wide celebration, each bunk has time to process Shabbat in a unique way and develop a tradition that reflects their distinct group identity.  Our Shabbat celebration begins with a story connecting our experiences in camp with the wonders of Shabbat.  One age group each week then has the honor of presenting their work in camp, whether it is an art project, a song, or a skit, to the whole camp.  That age group will also be honored by lighting our Shabbat candles and saying blessings over grape juice and challah.  Next, our song leader adds excitement and joy to the celebration as s/he leads us through some camp favorites in English and Hebrew.  Campers One group each week will also have the opportunity to bake their own Challah for Shabbat around our campfire!

Additional Specialty Programming

Music:  Sing-alongs with summer camp favorites, Jewish and Hebrew tunes, and pop hits.  Use digital recording technology to create a bunk song or record a camp favorite.

Camp Craft: Campers will explore the woods at camp and learn different wilderness skills.  Experience camping skills first-hand as you gather wood and learn how to start and maintain a fire.  

Art:  Express yourself creatively. Using a variety of materials and methods, campers represent their thoughts, feelings, and connections.

Nature: Our garden is the heart of camp.  Each bunk will work in the garden to plant and care for their produce throughout the summer.  Hands-on study of the environment will bring the campers into closer connection with their surroundings and highlight the outdoor camping experience.

Drama: Construct and act out your own plays.  Our drama specialist will work with each group to strengthen their drama and improvisational skills through fun games and workshops.

Yoga:  Our yoga specialist works with campers on connecting their body and mind through age-appropriate yoga and creative movement.

Petting Zoo: Interact with animals as you pet, feed, and groom them.  This is a great chance to engage with the natural world.