The Day Camp @ the JCC is a place for exploration and opportunity, a chance to try new things and delve into passions. Our hope is that all of our campers will regularly try new things while also expanding their knowledge and skills of activities with which they are already familiar. The Day Camp @ the JCC focuses on age appropriate developmental skills, letting our campers grow with the choices that are offered to them. This focus on personal growth and development is one of the primary values of our program.

Camp Specialties

All of our campers delve into a number of specialties throughout the week. Every age group has music, art and yoga as well as Jewish values and weekly Shabbat celebrations. In addition, the 4 year old campers have science and cooking, while the 5-6 year old campers have drama, science, and crazy construction.

Sports + Outdoor Adventures

All of our campers participate in sports instruction multiple times a week. The sports coaches focus on skill development, and a better understanding of the rules of each sport. The curriculum is designed specifically for each age group, and enables the campers to learn and grow throughout the summer. The 3 and 4-year-old campers participate in sports in the JCC gym with the famed JCC coaches. The 5-and 6-year-old campers have sports daily in Riverside Park as well as sports electives in the gym.


Our robust arts curriculum focuses on process over product. Along with their counselors and our arts and cooking specialists, campers have the opportunity to engage with a variety of media including clay, paint, wire and much more. Our older campers also have the opportunity to work in our ceramics and culinary studios during their electives period.


Each week, our 5-and 6-year-old campers are given the opportunity to choose a different activity for the elective portion of their daily schedule. Elective options include taekwan-do, dance, cooking, magic, aviation, ceramics and more. Each choice period meets for one hour, and campers participate for a full week. The campers are encouraged to try something new each week, and to explore new interests throughout the summer.


All campers enjoy instructional and free swim throughout the week in the JCC pool under the supervision of our patient and caring staff of certified American Red Cross Instructors. Swim sessions run for 30 to 40 minutes, and provide quality instruction for your new or experienced swimmer. In addition, our 3 and 4-year-old campers will participate in water play activities on our rooftop playground. All campers ages 4 and up are tested at the beginning of each camp session to determine their appropriate level of instruction and are placed in swim groups accordingly. Please note that 3-year-old campers will swim exclusively in our training pool and will be required to wear swim diapers during all swim sessions. Flotation devices will be used when appropriate, as determined by our swim staff.

Jewish Perspectives + Community Service

Campers are empowered to grow into creative, thoughtful individuals as well as contributing members of our Jewish community through Friday Shabbat celebrations, cooking projects, and special events which are grounded in Jewish values, language, and culture. Campers also participate in community service throughout the summer, which help teach how to give back to our community and our world. Our Judaic perspectives specialists will visit each group and help bring a feeling of what it means to be a part of our Jewish community to each camper.

The Day Camp @ the JCC fosters a sense of community, encouraging relationships to develop and build between campers, staff and families. Our hope is that this community will be maintained throughout the year as campers and their families experience all that the JCC has to offer.