Havurah: Hands-on Jewish Education

On Saturday afternoons, our community gathers on the second floor of the JCC for Havurah. In this environment, children discover themselves through deep conversations about God and hands-on expressions of Jewish values, rituals, and culture.

Our mission is to provide children with the means to develop their own unique Jewish identities. We strive to create a place where children feel comfortable asking questions and being themselves, where learners of all types are welcome and included. To meet these goals, teachers work collaboratively with children to create personalized experiences that spark wonder and creativity, build confidence, and create meaningful connections between people. Families are partners in the work that we do, joining with children and teachers to celebrate Jewish life and tradition. 

School-Age Programs

School-Age programs at the JCC provide experiences that enrich, empower, and engage children ages 4-10. With our committed staff and ever-growing program offerings, your child will always have a home at the JCC, whether it’s after school or on weekends.

Jewish Journey Project

The Jewish Journey Project (JJP) is a revolutionary educational initiative for children in grades 3-8. JJP is a collaborative, innovative, and flexible model that engages participants in experiential learning based on their individual interests, schedules,, and learning styles..

We broaden Jewish learning and deepen Jewish living by providing experiences that include the individual, the family, the synagogue, JCC Manhattan, and the larger New York Jewish community.

Thinking About Overnight Camp?

We are so excited for you that the next step on your child's journey may include sleepaway camp. As you begin to step off the paths of day camp and explore the world of sleepaway camp opportunities (and there are a lot of them!), we would like to share with you the incredible work of our colleagues in the network of Jewish residential camps. Jewish camp is a place where magic happens—lifelong friendships are made and a strong personal sense of identity is developed. For so many of us, sleepaway camp was the place where we became the best parts of the people we are today. View our suggested guide for overnight camps